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Coma Hat - Oblivion Black

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Soft, woolen hat with embracing touch and unique PCB badges.

  • PCB badge
  • Soft, embracing touch
  • Material: 60% Wool, 25% Nylon, 15% Acrylic
  • Circumference: 22.8" / 58 cm

The other day I saw Derek fiddling with his Arduino side project.

Minna: "What is this?"

Derek: "A desk."

Minna: "No, that piece of thingy in your hand."

Derek: "Oh, that's an MCU, not the Avengers one, a Microcontroller Unit on a PCB. This is a 5 volt, 16 megahertz...(alien language here)."

Minna: "OK, right. It looks so cool. I love the patterns on the PCB. Make me more of these, and make them pretty. I'm going to put them on the cap!"

Several days later...

Derek: "Here is the PCB."

Several days later...

Mina: "Here is the cap."