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Cracker Hat - Locked Mint

The cap with keycaps

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Woolen hat with customizable keycaps collage and a PCB badge.

What's the color of your NumLock key? Mine is mint.

  • Customizable keycaps collage
  • PCB badge
  • Rib-knit
  • Upturned edge
  • Stretches to fit
  • Material: 60% Wool, 25% Nylon, 15% Acrylic
  • Circumference: 22.0"-23.2" / 56-59 cm

Derek built a custom ortholinear split keyboard the other day. You know, usual nerdy stuff, but it was super cool. I spotted some of his spare keycaps, and instantly I knew they would definitely be a part of my cap design. So, technically, it is a keycap cap.

I designed it with several keycaps on the front and some on the backside. After assembling the first batch of 100, I thought, "What if people want different keycap layout configurations than mine?" And also, my fingers hurt installing the keycaps. So I was like, "OK, then. I just take care of the ones on the front. I will give the rest of the loose keycaps to the customers, charge them an extra $10,000,000 and call it extra ultra hyper customizable keycaps DIY pack. How about that?".

So, you ask how we managed to attach the keycaps to the keycap cap? (Say that 10 times fast.) Derek opened Fusion 360 and modeled and printed some tiny little seats for the keycaps so that I can, no, you can buckle them on the cap and install the keycaps on the top. Ta-da... DIY!

The keycaps and the seats are not edible, by the way. But if you somehow eat them, please tell me how they taste.